Google Autodraw can make you a designer within seconds

Google autodraw
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Google will bring your touches to the art of art. Recently, the company has opened a web page called Google AutoDraw, through which you can draw artwork in any of your doodles or drawings. This is an artificial intelligence driven web application that can be used for free and can be used from any device.

google autodraw-ai

Think, you want to draw a picture of a cake. After drawing the shape of a cake in the browser with the canvas of Google Autodraw, Google’s tool will show you pictures of some cakes painted by skilled painters. From this you can choose any picture or you can also keep your painted picture. You can also stop giving automatic suggestions if needed.

Autodraw is another tool of Google using similar technologies like QuickDraw technology. This is a small range of game where artificial intelligence (AI) will ask you to draw an object, such as eyes, ears, nose, etc. After that, QuickDraw will give AI time limits of 20 seconds, in which artificial intelligence will detect your gross object.

At present, Google AutoDraw can detect curves of several objects. If you want you can add more photos to its database. If you are a painter, by clicking here you can add some of your painted photos to Google AutoDraw.

If you love this site( and draw something interesting, You can let me know by posting the painting in my facebook page. I will love to see your painting skill.


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