Apple Recruiting Freelancers

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Apple, the tech giant is taking the help of freelancers for the company’s development of mapping services. Apple Maps launched in 2012 has not been able to attract a lot of attention to users, as far as Apple is concerned. Many iPhone users are using Google Maps instead of Apple Maps. People can not rely on the exact location of Apple’s own created map. And Apple is recruiting the freelancer staff to make mapping service more credible.

These freelance activists will search different places in Apple Maps and verify their address and correct them if they are wrong. Apple is giving an average of 54 cents (half a dollar) to verify each address. MacRumors said it would take a few minutes to give an entry like this.

In this project named ‘TriRating’, a freelancer can work up to 20 hours per week. Or, for one person, maximum 600 entries can be given in the week.

However, to work in the freelancing project to fix Apple’s map, a page of the freelancer’s 200 page must be read, where the rules of the project are mentioned.

And anyone can not be freelancing in Apple. Because Apple has not given any notice on their site. Rather, the company took contractual workers through third-party freelancing agency/suppliers.

If you want to work in Apple Freelance, find out in the or freelancer marketplace, such an established freelancing marketplace, whether there are jobs related to a mapping. Who knows, maybe you can get a chance to work for the Apple company!

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