Apple and Nokia became friends after a Hailstorm

apple and nokia
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Apple and Nokia the TechGiants announced the collaboration between each and every legal fight between themselves. In a joint statement of both companies on Apple’s website today, the company said that Nokia and Apple have signed patent licensing and business cooperation between each other, allowing Apple to use Nokia’s network infrastructure in their devices and services, and to sell Nokia’s healthcare products in Apple Store.

But the compromise between Apple and Nokia was not the same. Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple in December last year alleging patent infringement. Finland’s telecom company Nokia then claims that Apple is using illegal third-party patented technology on their device. Then the relationship between Apple and Nokia became bitter. Previously Nokia’s Health Products could be found in the Apple Store, which was lifted after the case in Apple.

Apparently, Apple has realized that Nokia’s patented technology has actually used them illegally. These technologies include the display, user interface, software, antenna, chipset and video encoding. In Europe and the United States, the legal battle could have taken years to come. And the end was not very good, so both companies came to compromise.

However, it is not known how much money is being traded in this agreement. According to the BBC, analysts are of the opinion that the pocket will be heavier due to the agreement.That means every year Apple will pay a license fee of $ 100 million to Nokia for this agreement.

Nokia said they will cooperate with Apple. And Apple has officially said they are happy with this solution.

There was a legal battle between Apple and Nokia in 2009 and 2011 before 2016. There is no legal dispute between the two companies.



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